Commission on the Status of Women 63rd Session (CSW63)

United Nations, New York 8-19 March 2019

Annual Conference 2018 – The President’s Report

Friday 5th, to Sunday 7th of October 2018
at Newcastle upon Tyne

National Council of Women of Great Britain

NCWGB, founded in 1895,  aims to bring together women of all ages to learn more about local, national and international affairs that affect us all. We want to get your views on issues that matter, and to have them heard at the highest levels of Government. Find out more about what we do.

National Council of Young Women

NCWGB is active across the country, with five regional committees that share ideas and work together on projects and seminars, producing reports for dissemination and publication.

NCW’s delegation to CSW63 at the United Nations March 2019

Kajal Mavji     Varthani Kirupanandam   Georgia Rayner   Helena Trenkic   Jonelle AwomoyiJungsook Kim  President ICW  Commission on the Status of Women 63rd Session (CSW63), United Nations, New York8-19 March 2019 No less than five members of our 18+ group attended on...

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Young Women Membership

Membership Pleasingly, a number of young women have moved from NCYW into full membership of NCW. Their enthusiasm and energy are admirable and encouraging. It is good to report that, thanks to the initiative of NCW member Jill Rogers, we have the prospect...

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Progress on FGM

There has been widespread satisfaction in the first successful prosecution last month of a perpetrator of female genital mutilation, when a mother was convicted of cutting her three- year-old daughter in 2017. Lynette Woodrow from the Crown Prosecution...

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Early in February the President and Immediate Past President attended a meeting in London of the Six-O group, a twice-yearly get-together of the six leading women’s organisations in the UK: the British Federation of Women Graduates; Business and...

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NCW Policy Resolutions 2018

RESOLUTIONS RATIFIED AT THE NCWGB CONFERENCE 2018  IN NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE. COMPREHENSIVE RELATIONSHIPS AND SEX EDUCATION TO REDUCE GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE (2018) NCW is aware that all English secondary schools will be required to teach Relationships and Sex Education...

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NCW Policy Resolutions 2017

NCW POLICY RESOLUTIONS PASSED AND RATIFIED AT THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE, OCTOBER 2017 HELD IN LEAMINGTON SPA The conference resolutions were as usual timely and important.  We welcomed speakers from The Prison Reform Trust and the Methodist Women in Britain,...

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END OF LIFE ISSUES. September 2016. A seminar organised by the National Council of Women of Great Britain Health Committee together with the Royal College of Nursing West Midlands Region, Birmingham.     Read more… Thanks to the excellent programme arranged by Ruth...

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NCW 2019 Annual Conference

Annual Conference 2019Woodland Grange,Leamington Spa Friday 11 October to Sunday 13 October 2019Our conference this year will meet on October 11-13 at Woodland Grange, Leamington Spa. This year’s theme is “Women and Justice”, and we will be highlighting various...

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