Our affiliates

More than 40 organisations are affiliated to NCW. We provide them with a platform for their work and a means of communicating with government and influencing legislation.

We welcome societies whose objectives we share and respect.

Membership has to be ratified by our Management Committee.

A society affiliated to NCW can …

  • send representatives to all NCW specialist policy group meetings
  • receive regular mailings including minutes of groups meetings, the quarterly publication NCW NEWS, action-briefing papers and news
  • attend all study days, conferences and lectures
  • comment on NCW policy papers
  • distribute one of its own leaflets annually by NCW mailing
  • appoint a Council Member to vote at the AGM and all elections
  • present a resolution for consideration
  • have a link to its Internet website from the NCW site

At the Annual Conference and AGM Affiliates have the right to …

  • propose agreed resolutions
  • send official delegates who may participate in debate, and speak for or against resolutions in debate
  • vote on all conference resolutions
  • vote at the AGM through its Council Member
  • dissociate itself officially from any ratified policy
  • exhibit information and distribute its publications

An ordinary member of an affiliated society may …

  • represent the affiliated society at a local branch or region.

A list of NCW affiliated societies appears below.