National Council of Women Our Aims

Giving Women a Voice

The aims of the National Council of Women of Great Britain are:

To promote the establishment and maintenance of human rights for the people of the United Kingdom
To work to improve the quality of life for all
To secure the removal of discrimination against women and to encourage the effective participation of women in the life of the nation
To act as a co-ordinating body to which societies with similar aims may affiliate
To affiliate to the International Council of Women, forming a link with the National Councils of Women throughout the world, and to work for international peace and understanding.

Connect with Us

NCWGB is active across the country, with five regional committees that share ideas and work together on projects and seminars, producing reports for dissemination and publication.

The National Council of Women of Great Britain
Administrative office: 81 Bondgate, Darlington DL3 7JT
Telephone: 01325 367375

THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF WOMEN GREAT BRITAIN Administrative Office: 72 Victoria Road, Darlington, Co. Durham, DL1 5JG. Tel: 01325 367375
Registered Charity No 1001015. Registered in England and Wales. No. 502692. Company limited by guarantee. No. 502692.
Registered Office: 36 Danbury Street, London, N1 8JU. NCW has special consultative status at the United Nations.