Having regard to the growing disparity between affluence and poor countries which constitutes a continuing threat to the peace and welfare of all mankind, the National Council of Women of Great Britain in Conference assembled, urges her Majesty’s Government to take such action as will help to bring all people of the world a standard of living more nearly in accord with what is now technically possible, in particular:–

(a) to increase support for the work of United Nations Agencies, especially ECOSOC’s, Advisory Committee on the Application of Science and Technology to Development,   (b) to take urgent action in the economic field that realistic aid targets may be set and kept under constant review with the purpose of reaching, as soon as possible e, the target of 1% GNP agreed in principle at the meeting of UNCTAD in 1968.

(c) to stress the need, while welcoming the action of Her Majesty’s Government in making loans and grants, for these to be continued,

(d) to use its influence in international trade forums towards improvement of conditions of access to the rich markets for the products, whether primary or secondary, of poorer countries.