National Council of Young Women

Giving Young Women a Voice


The National Council of Young Women provides a unique opportunity for young women to learn about and discuss topical issues, and to make a real contribution to improving our society.We bring together women of all ages for discussions and workshops. In addition, the many schools, colleges and universities that have already linked themselves to NCWGB receive regular news updates, and take part in national surveys on current issues.Our seminars look at issues around:


  • Work/life balance – Career, family and personal life
  • Citizenship – How local and national government work; the role of NGOs; how you can make a contribution to society
  • Women in decision making – Women’s participation in decision making, from business to national government
  • Sexual stereotyping – The effects of gender, diversity and culture on women’s lives. The portrayal of young women in the media
  • Violence against women and girls
  • The Rights of Women and Girls as agreed in UN declarations

NCW values the views expressed by members of the National Council of Young Women, and we take their reports into account when debating resolutions to take forward to Government.

Find out more about our NCYW programme and how girls and young women help develop our policy. Call us on 01325 367375 or send us an email.

NCW’s delegation to CSW63 at the United Nations March 2019

Kajal Mavji     Varthani Kirupanandam   Georgia Rayner   Helena Trenkic   Jonelle AwomoyiJungsook Kim  President ICW  Commission on the Status of Women 63rd Session (CSW63), United Nations, New York8-19 March 2019 No less than five members of our 18+ group attended on...

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Young Women Membership

Membership Pleasingly, a number of young women have moved from NCYW into full membership of NCW. Their enthusiasm and energy are admirable and encouraging. It is good to report that, thanks to the initiative of NCW member Jill Rogers, we have the prospect...

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Progress on FGM

There has been widespread satisfaction in the first successful prosecution last month of a perpetrator of female genital mutilation, when a mother was convicted of cutting her three- year-old daughter in 2017. Lynette Woodrow from the Crown Prosecution...

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Early in February the President and Immediate Past President attended a meeting in London of the Six-O group, a twice-yearly get-together of the six leading women’s organisations in the UK: the British Federation of Women Graduates; Business and...

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CONFERENCE 2018 – President’s Report

CONFERENCE 2018 the President’s Report: NCWGB held its annual conference on October 5-7 at the Royal Station Hotel in Newcastle upon Tyne, and it was a pleasure to meet so many members, and to see the National Council of Women at its most active.  It was a...

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Celebrate 100 years of Votes for Women

CELEBRATING 100 YEARS OF VOTES FOR WOMEN NCW played a small part in the suffrage campaign. Millicent Fawcett was an NCW member and gave a paper at the first NCW conference in 1895 entitled ‘The Probable Effect on the Position of Women of Granting Them the...

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NCW Elects a new President

NCW Elects a new President At the Annual General Meeting on October 8, at Leamington Spa, Gwenda Nicholas, who has so ably steered the National Council of Women GB for the last three years, handed over the chain of office to her successor, Dr Andrena Telford. Andrena...

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NFU Rural Broadband and Mobile phone coverage survey

NFU Rural Broadband and Mobile phone coverage survey The NFU, one of our affiliated organisations, is the voice of British farming and provides professional representation and services to its farmer and grower members. Access to Broadband and Mobile...

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THE ISTANBUL CONVENTION RATIFIED IN APRIL 2017 The “Istanbul Convention” is a Council of Europe Convention adopted by the meeting of the Council in Istanbul in April 2011.   It is a pan-European treaty aimed at stamping out violence against women. The treaty sets...

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International News May 2017 REPORT ON NCWGB’S DELEGATION TO U.N. COMMISSION ON STATUS OF WOMEN CSW61 - NEW YORK, MARCH 2017 THEME:  ‘WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT IN THE CHANGING WORLD OF WORK’ NCWGB accredited a delegation of 8 members to attend this commission.  Two further...

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NCYW Event: "Women in Afghanistan: a life of disadvantage"

A National Council of Young Women event entitled "Women in Afghanistan: a life of disadvantage" was held recently at Stephenson College, Durham University Queens Campus. The talk given by Dr Manizha Hadi, a PhD student in the School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health,...

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Children in Care Review

Too many children in care - ending up behind bars! The Social and Employment Committee and our affiliate the Prison Reform Trust submitted a resolution at the annual conference in October 2015 ‘Children in care and keeping them out of trouble’, calling on the...

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Condolences: Jo Cox MP

Love and support to the family and friends of Jo Cox MP from every member of the National Council of Women.  The  tragic loss of a young wife and mother is devastating but her commitment to a life of public service will continue to be an inspiration. Her work for...

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