NCW President cropPresident Gwenda Nicholas reflects on the key issues that the NCW is actively engaged in, as well as the work being done by NCW members around the country.

2015 was the 120th anniversary of the founding of the National Council of Women.  We salute the passion of our predecessors who saw the need for social reform; initially the concern was with the appalling conditions suffered by the lace workers of Nottingham.

We look back with pride on the dedicated work of our first President, Louise Creighton and the achievements of our predecessors over the years.

Today we are still actively engaged in continuing to improve the quality of life for all, founded on our belief that women and girls constitute half of society and should have the opportunity to contribute equally in work and decision making for the benefit of everyone.

Our greatest cause for celebration must be that we have presented over 420 resolutions to Government, proposals which would improve the quality of life for all.

We’ve been using our October 2014 conference theme of “Energising the Future” to press for Government action on the resolutions NCW delegates passed:

  • Thorium: We want Government to invest significantly more on nuclear fission research, especially that involving thorium fuel, in the next generation of nuclear reactors
  • Equal representation in Parliamentary positions:  NCW urges Government and the major political parties to ensure more equal representation of women in Parliament, Cabinet positions and Parliamentary Committees
  • Closing the gender pay gap:  NCW urges Government to take appropriate action to remove this form of discrimination in the workplace.
  • Safe and private toilet facilities for women and girls: NCW calls for the provision of safe and private toilet facilities for all women and girls, urging Government to make this provision a top priority in the allocation of resources for overseas aid

NCW members are in action on several issues this Spring. An East Midlands seminar addresses Housing Issues for Older People.

The South West and Midland Region are investigating the effects of social media on children “Social Media – Good or Bad?”, a topic which continues to concern us.

We are listening to and working with the younger generation of women in NCW who are now having a significant effect on our outcomes.

Our National Council of Young Women in Croydon are holding an intergenerational seminar on Domestic Violence “Love Shouldn’t Hurt”, and for the first time have invited boys as well as girls to join the discussions. It is notable that our younger members are now looking into this topic, which has over many years been on NCW’s agenda.