2019 Resolutions passed at Conference 2019 (Leamington Spa) and ratified at the AGM

Title of Resolution:

Given the differences in recycling procedures not only throughout the UK but also frequently between districts in the same area, NCW in Conference assembled urges Her Majesty’s Government to make it a legal requirement that Local Councils comply with the manner in which they collect waste for recycling purposes. What is required here is consistency across the board, with regard to what materials are to be recycled, how such materials are to be distributed by the householder among which bins, and also as to the colour of the recycling bins themselves.

NCW also urges that funding be ring-fenced for this purpose, with contributions towards cost borne by manufacturers, business etc. whose products are non-compliant. Such a legal requirement would ensure clear and consistent directives from Local Councils and consequently the public would be less confused and more efficient in participating in the recycling process.

Proposer: Gillian Poole, Darlington Branch
Seconder: Jenny Spivey, Chair, Darlington Branch
Submitted by: Gillian Poole, Darlington Branch

Title of Resolution:


The NCW in conference assembled calls for urgent and firm action to protect children from the harm caused by online pornography.

NCW calls on government urgently to:

• introduce regulation to stop online pornography at source
• bring in mandatory child safety rules including for social networks – overseen by an independent regulator
• require technical controls—including content filtering/blocking, privacy and location settings to be set, by default, to the safest available for under 18s

NCW welcomes the aim of the Government’s internet safety strategy to ensure Britain is the safest place in the world to be online. It agrees that a fundamental shift in approach is required: one that moves “the burden away from consumers having to secure their devices and instead ensuring strong security is built into consumer products by design”. It calls on the Government to put this into action with urgency.

Proposer: Ann Davison, NCW Individual Member
Seconder: Penny Eckley, NCW Vice President
Submitted by: Ann Davison, NCW Individual Member

Title of Resolution:


The Home Office must process an asylum application within a clearly defined time frame, unless specified special circumstances for a case causes delays. Failure to meet the set time frame should be met with just repercussions and the option of legal prosecution from the asylum seeker. This is to reduce the time asylum seekers spend “in limbo” thereby reducing the time where they are at their most vulnerable.

Reasons for concern:
• The length of time for a decision to be made has been steadily increasing since the end of 2014, where only approximately 3000 decisions were pending for more than 6 months compared to the end of March 2019 where 13,994 applications had been pending for more than 6 months – a 466% increase in just 5 years.
(https://www.refugeecouncil.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Asylum-Backlogs-May-2019.pdf )
• Asylum Seekers are not given sufficient monetary support to sustain themselves and seek relevant support
• Her Majesty’s Government Is not being held accountable to the emotional and physical duress many asylum seekers face due to the significant and prolonged delays in obtaining a decision, hence the need to clarify the time frame and make it legally binding.

The National Council of Women in Conference assembled urges Her Majesty’s Government to:
• To reduce and clarify the time asylum seekers spend “in limbo”
• To ensure that better provisions are made for this duration, including access to housing, healthcare, education, counselling and, an increase in their monetary allowance (currently at £37.75 per week with a mere additional £3-5 a week for pregnant women or mothers with children up to the age of 3).
• To define the rules of what asylum seekers can claim clearly during the period of the application in which they cannot work (currently at 12 months)- this includes expanding the list of jobs approved by the Home Office, and extending or providing other means of accessing student finance for higher education.
• Introduce free or reduced means of travel, such as bus and tram fare, to enable asylum seekers guaranteed access to support and services.

Proposer: Tania Khan, NCW Individual Member
Seconder: Sibba Hadi, NCW Individual Member
Submitted by: Tania Khan and Sibba Hadi, NCW Individual Members