At NCW’s annual conference, held in York 10th – 12th October four important resolutions were debated and passed and will now be taken forward to Government.


We want Government to invest significantly more on nuclear fission research, especially that involving thorium fuel, in the next generation of nuclear reactors. At the Conference seminar Professor Bob Cywinski gave an informative presentation on the advantages of thorium

Equal representation in Parliamentary positions

NCW urges Government and the major political parties to ensure more equal representation of women in Parliament, Cabinet positions and Parliamentary Committees

Closing the gender pay gap

Concerned at the increasing gender pay gap, NCW urges Government to take appropriate action to remove this form of discrimination in the workplace.

Safe and private toilet facilities for women and girls

NCW calls for the provision of safe and private toilet facilities for all women and girls, urging Government to make this provision a top priority in the allocation of resources for overseas aid