from the The President, Management Committee and all members of the National Council of Women of Great Britain:

These horrific attacks, together with the dreadful brutality meted out by IS to the men,women and children they have captured, are targeted against the whole of humanity. Communities and women’s organisations at every level need to stay together and work in every possible way to bring about peace and to make a better society. It is a huge challenge and we need to dedicate ourselves to it and support those of like mind.

We send heartfelt sympathy to all those who’ve lost loved ones, all those who are injured and all those who are suffering.

from The President of the International Council of Women to the President and members NCW France:

I was so shocked at the series of attacks in Paris on Friday.

On behalf of ICW, I would like to express my deep condolences over the victims of the deadly attacks that left at least 129 people dead.

I hope that you and all our NCW sisters, your families and friends from France are safe.

Terrorism is a crime against humanity. It is never justified and should not be tolerated in any circumstances. We have to do our best to root out terrorism by actively cooperating with international women’s communities to make the world more peaceful.

We will pray for the victims.

Hoping that you stay strong through this ordeal.

from NCW’s International Affairs Committee to the President and NCW France

Our President, Gwenda Nicholas, our International Affairs Committee, Management Committee and all our members send you our deepest sympathy for the horrific terrorist attacks which took place in Paris last Friday.   It is shocking that young people just enjoying a concert or a meal at the start of their weekend, should be brutally slaughtered in this way.

We must all recognise that the ‘War on Terror’ has come to Europe and that the human rights and freedoms for which we have fought so hard are being challenged by a brutal and heartless regime.  We echo Jung Sook’s words that terrorism is ‘a crime against humanity’.   Please know that we stand with you – as we have done in the past – in the fight to repel this evil.    We know that, in the end, those who stand up for liberty and human rights must prevail.

from the President, European Centre of the International Council of Women to NC of France Russia and the Lebanon 

On behalf of the European Center of the International Council of Women I would like to express our deep condolences   to our members from the NC of France, Russia and Lebanon for the severe attacks of terrorists their nations suffered recently.   The accident of the Russian plane in the Sinai, the bombs in Beirut and the attacks in Paris  perpetrated by similar revolutionary movements caused innocent victims.

Let’s pray for the families and let’s have a warm thought for all the mothers who could not prevent their youngsters to join criminal,  revolutionary and absurd movements.

Let’s unite our forces to struggle for our values.