NCW A Parliament Week Partner

For those of you that don’t know, Parliament Week is a UK-wide programme of events and activities, held all over the UK, that aim to inspire, engage and connect people with parliamentary democracy. This year Parliament Week will take place from 15 – 21 November and NCW is a partner in this project. All partners run an event or activity and NCW has run the competition to ‘Give Young Women and Girls a Voice’. We asked the question ‘If you could influence Government to take action on one issue to improve the lives of women and girls, what would it be?’

We had eminent women as judges [see Home page] and the winner’s presented their proposals to the NCW conference on the 12th October 2013. We are sending the proposals to government during the week 18- 21st November. Out junior winner, Sofia Grebenkina, will be taking part in the Young People’s Question Time organised by the Hansard Society on 18th November [@HansardSociety] and our 19-30 prize winner will be going to the United Nations CSW conference in March 2014 with the NCW delegation as part of her prize.