Kajal Mavji     Varthani Kirupanandam   Georgia Rayner   Helena Trenkic   Jonelle Awomoyi

Jungsook Kim  President ICW


Commission on the Status of Women 63rd Session (CSW63), United Nations, New York8-19 March 2019

No less than five members of our 18+ group attended on our behalf, the meeting of the Commission in New York. The group was led by Kajal Mavji, a recent Law graduate, who is now a co-opted member of Management Committee, and Helena Trenkić, currently studying at Cambridge University. Varthani Kirupanadam, Georgia Rayner, and Jonelle Awomoyi were the other members of the delegation. We are grateful to all five for organising the funds to cover the trip themselves. They were able to meet with Jungsook Kim, ICW President during their visit.