Thorium as a source of energy, 2014

The National Council of Women, in Conference, assembled,
(i) aware of the UK’s need for reliable, sustainable and green sources of energy, preferably under our own control; (ii) are concerned that a disproportionately large amount of public money has to be spent on decommissioning the radioactive waste from our existing nuclear reactors, some of which waste could be used to enable the use of thorium; (iii) mindful that thorium is said to offer a safer, greener and more plentiful alternative than uranium; (iv) aware that our current nuclear power stations, if breached, give rise to disaster and that rising sea levels threaten our coastal nuclear power stations; (v) and in the belief that some other countries are progressing, successfully, to thorium-fuelled reactors, urges Her Majesty’s Government, as a matter of urgency, to invest significantly more on nuclear fission research, especially that involving thorium fuel, in the next generation of nuclear reactors.

Submitted by: NCW Hereford Branch

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