Our honorary Vice-President awarded an MBE in the King’s Birthday Honours list

Barbara Maddison campaigns for the rights of women and girls and has been awarded the MBE for her services to young women.

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National Council of Young Women

Join the National Council of Young Women and turn your passion for equality into change-making activities. Start discussions, raise awareness, and take action to improve society.

Empowering all women to achieve a fair and inclusive society

Change starts at the very foundation of society. With legislation. With you. 

The National Council of Women of Great Britain (NCWGB) researches where change is most needed, and challenges Government at the highest level. We present valid, evidence-­­based proposals which represent women’s views and concerns. We debate, educate, inform and influence reform. 

Our diverse membership reflects that we care about the lives of all women. Members come from all walks of life and from every generation. Aged 18 to 98, we come together through shared interests to learn, collaborate, and celebrate our differences. 

Our intergenerational work – a valued aspect of membership – brings women together to amplify their individual voices. 

Empowering women across the world

We connect and collaborate with other organisations that share our purpose and goals. Together we are so much stronger. We have a voice and we will be heard. 

We tackle issues affecting women across the globe through our affiliation to the International Council of Women. This means more opportunities to make our voice heard at the international and European associations of other National Councils of Women.

We have Special Consultative Status at the United Nations: the only UK organisation to enjoy this.

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We bring together women of all ages and backgrounds to learn and debate different perspectives.


We make representations to Government and the powers that be through our resolutions and other activities.


We work to change and improve the lives of everyone.

Barbara Madisson

“For more than 120 years, NCW has campaigned tirelessly on a range of women’s issues, including the right to vote, the creation of a women’s police force, the end to violence against women and girls worldwide, and an improved quality of life for all.”

Barbara Maddison, Honorary Vice-President

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Our latest resolutions tackle overseas poverty, climate change, and innovation.