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We work to change and improve the lives of everyone. Important topics relating to women and wider society become the subject of resolutions.

Our campaigning work, underpinned by robust research, aims to shape and change legislation and to fight to end discrimination and improve the quality of life for all.

Our members and associates use recognised statistics and sources of information to make sure that our communications and resolutions are accurate and avoid the trap of ‘fake news’.

Resolutions are debated and passed at our NCW Annual Conference and then put to the Government to call for change.

Resolutions are often presented jointly by NCW members and associated organisations, such as the Prison Reform Trust and Methodist Women in Britain. Each resolution represents our proud history of campaigning and challenging local, national and international decision makers.

The earliest resolution in 1919 addressed income tax and called on the Government to separately assess husbands and wives. This resolution was re-affirmed in 1920 and 1981 before it finally became law in 1990. As we add our voices to those of other groups, we can influence policy makers to improve the lives of all our citizens. Change can take a long time and NCW is in it for the long haul.

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More examples of topics and issues of concern include:

Addressing the delays and conditions during the asylum seeking process (2019)

Urging the Government to:

  • reduce and clarify the time asylum seekers spend “in limbo”
  • ensure that better provisions are made including access to housing, healthcare, education, counselling and, an increase in the monetary allowance.

To protect children from the harm caused by online pornography (2019)

Urging the Government to:

  • introduce regulation to stop online pornography at source
  • bring in mandatory child safety rules including for social networks overseen by an independent regulator
  • require technical controls to be set, by default, to the safest available for under 18s.

Result: In February 2022, the Government published the Online Safety Bill to force pornography websites to prevent underage access including by using age verification technologies.

Importance of music in primary/junior schools (2018)

Urging the Government to:

  • review and encourage the teaching of creative subjects, especially music in primary and junior schools.

Conserving, guarding and educating about antibiotics (2016 and 2017)

Urging the Government to:

  • take action to curtail the blanket and indiscriminate use of antibiotics in farming practices in order to avert a “disaster of apocalyptic proportions” for human beings.

Folic acid fortification of flour (1998 and 2016)

Urging the Government to:

  • take an initiative to fortify flour with folic acid so that all women could consume enough extra folic acid daily to prevent spina bifida and other neural tube defects.

Result: In September 2021, the Government announced that folic acid will be added to non-wholemeal wheat flour across the UK to help prevent life-threatening spinal conditions in babies.

You can search our bank of our resolutions by topic. Popular subjects are listed below.

  • Women and Girls
  • Ethnic Minorities, LGBT+ and Religion
  • Older People, Vulnerable Adults and Children, Disability and Special Educational Needs
  • Social Deprivation
  • Children, Teenagers and Young Adults
  • Health, Social Care and Safety
  • Education and Training
  • Tax, Work and Pensions
  • Legislation, Justice, Family Law and Human Rights
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Transport and Roads
  • Science, Research and Technology
  • Local Services and Housing
  • Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
  • War, International Affairs and Overseas Development

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If you would like advice about how to set about preparing a resolution, please contact the NCW office for more information.

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