Comprehensive relationships and sex education to reduce gender-based violence, 2018

Submitted by: NCW Post 18 Group

NCW is aware that all English secondary schools will be required to teach Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) from September 2019. ‘Can Education Stop Abuse?’, the recent paper published by GenPol, links ‘comprehensive and quality sexuality education’ to a decrease in gender-based violence.  Therefore NCW, in Conference assembled, urges the government to include in the new statutory guidance for RSE, which has not been updated since 2000, topics and teaching practices recommended by UNESCO, IPPF and the European Parliament FEMM as ‘essential’ for ‘Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)’. In doing so, the government will provide better education to ensure the sexual safety and wellbeing of future students and indirectly decrease gendered violence by tackling the power dynamics at the root of gendered abuse

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