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Join the National Council of Women GB (NCWGB) and become a part of a growing network of women from all walks of life whose collective voice is improving the quality and equality of life for everyone.

NCWGB represents all women and uses the knowledge, expertise and passion of their membership base to actively influence Government policy through researching, writing, debating, voting and organising.

Just by reading our newsletters you can make a difference. It is your support as a member that gives us the influence we need to seek change for women and girls, on the issues of concern most important to you.


Join NCW if you:

Are looking for a way to create change that works around your daily life and commitments, or are a company wanting to demonstrate your commitment to empowering all women to achieve a fair and inclusive society, then join the National Council of Women today.

There are many benefits to joining NCWGB, either as an individual or as an associate through your business. These include access to NCW events, both in person and online, regular mailings and reports to keep you up to date with currents issues and NCW activities, and the opportunity to connect and share views with like-minded people.

For example:

  • Do you worry about violence against women: in the streets, in the home, inflicted by strangers, and by those we love and trust?
  • Are you horrified by news reports of women being trafficked?
  • Do you believe that every girl has a right to be educated?

Then join the NCWGB today! 

There are two main ways to join us.

Individual Membership

Become a member and join a network of people just like you. You can be as actively involved as you want to be.

Associate Membership

Your organisation can show its commitment to empowering women by joining as an associate member.