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At the National Council of Women, we challenge the status quo by actively campaigning for change. Change that will remove the barriers faced by women. We represent all women and will continue to amplify their individual voices until they are heard and respected in all walks of life and their wisdom is seen to influence decisions at the highest level.

We have been improving the lives of women since 1895. We were there in the fight for the right to vote, we lobbied for the creation of a women’s police force, and we campaigned for legislation to end gender based violence. And we continue to campaign. For an equitable world where it is not a disadvantage to be a woman.

group of mixed age women


We bring together women of all ages and backgrounds to learn and debate different perspectives.


We make representations to Government and the powers that be through our resolutions and other activities.


We work to change and improve the lives of everyone.

“I believe the NCW offers something for everyone; but for me personally it has offered companionship with women of all ages with whom I can share my interests in current affairs, women’s rights and world politics. Firstly as a busy student and now as a new mum, I have been able to make small contributions to NCW as time has allowed, and it has been wonderful to attend and organise talks on a variety of topics from female genital mutilation to renewable energy to broaden my knowledge”

Charlotte Kitchen, member since 2015

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Our latest resolutions tackle overseas poverty, climate change, and innovation.