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The NCW Network 18-30 brings together young women concerned about societal change. NCW Network 18-30 members are full members of NCW with full voting rights. You benefit from a dedicated newsletter and specialist reading lists from the coordinator, Gwenda Kibble – for a lower annual fee than full members.

Network 18-30 membership offers the opportunity to learn from the vision and historic experience of a national organisation with international connections. NCW and its young members grow together, creating exciting opportunities. They share the same aims, caring about the challenges facing humanity, about inequality and disadvantage. Many of our full members have been with us since they discovered NCYW at school.

Join other young women who have:

  • Represented NCW at the United Nations in New York and Geneva, producing reports and presentations for NCW policy
  • Proposed resolutions at the Annual Conference and had them passed and taken forward to Government
  • Visited schools and universities to give presentations
  • Become Trustees and sat on the management committee of NCW
  • Created leaflets distributed as far as Australia.
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“I belong in NCW because I agree with its approach of engaging women in working for societal change, in working slowly but steadily for concrete and substantial legislative change, and in its positive approach to advocacy, carried out over a backdrop of friendships and mentorships.”

Helena Trenkic, Network 18-30 member

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There’s plenty to get involved in, from leadership, media and policy work, to administration and organisation, and more.

The NCW Network 18-30 is looking for people with enthusiasm who are willing to learn about issues which affect women and girls. You need to have a strong drive for change and the initiative to use and develop your individual skills. In return you’ll receive support and guidance from more experienced members who are keen to help.

Joining the network is a flexible commitment, where members can give as much or as little as they’d like.
For more information, email

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Network 18-30 Reading list

You’ll find our reading lists useful to you as an active citizen, in your studies or when researching NCW issues. The books have been chosen to illustrate and challenge NCW’s wide range of concerns and to make suggestions for addressing societal problems.

The list is added to in the regular newsletter sent to Network members and the main list is kept up to date.

We expect them all to be reliable sources of information. If you come across anything you’d like to challenge, please let the Network 18-30 Coordinator know via the NCW office at

All Network 18-30 members receive a copy of each reading list and can make suggestions for future reading lists. To do this, contact the Coordinator at and include a short description of the content you’d like to recommend.

Several Network members have suggested a book discussion group. If you’d like to set one up do let the Coordinator know at

“I see Network 18-30’s role as a platform in which young people can offer pioneering new initiatives to broaden the work and reach of NCW in a world of increasing geographical mobility and virtual services, and also to offer young women the opportunity to undertake work with NCW that will inspire them to be an advocate of gender equality for life.”

Helena Trenkic, Network 18-30 member

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Join a network of people who care about the lives of all women.

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Our latest resolutions tackle overseas poverty, climate change, and innovation.