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We make representations to Government and the powers that be through our resolutions and other activities. We voice our concerns about issues affecting women of all ages and the wider society through persistent activity.

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We challenge the status quo and always speak from a position of knowledge

Members get involved at local level and beyond. Challenging often begins with learning about local issues, such as:

  • how food banks work and respond to local need
  • how local housing services respond to the needs of women, and
  • how local health and other services meet women’s needs.

Our purpose is to influence decision makers and achieve positive change for all. To achieve this, we encourage members to write to their MPs to raise issues they feel are important.

Government consultations are another opportunity to challenge. Our valuable monthly Parliamentary report alerts members to ongoing consultations and provides direct links to further information and key contacts.

We work with numerous other organisations to amplify our voice and to support shared causes. As a member of the Six-O group we discuss common issues and combine our voices to present a strong case to decision makers.

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Our latest resolutions tackle overseas poverty, climate change, and innovation.