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We focus on bringing together women of all ages and backgrounds to learn and debate different perspectives. We connect women from all walks of life, every corner of the country and all ages.

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Connecting women of all ages

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At NCW we are delighted to count women and girls from 18 to 98 in our membership. Everyone can join our meetings, Zoom discussions, branch meetings and Annual Conference. Our publications, website and regular newsletter keep our members, and prospective members, up to date with our activities and raise awareness of local, national and global issues affecting women.

Many of our members have been with us for decades. Each of them brings value, experience and knowledge to our debates and discussions. Our younger members bring a dynamism and energy to meetings and are eager to share and learn from other members’ experiences.

Parliamentary connections

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Our monthly, comprehensive parliamentary report highlights the Government’s latest meetings, consultations, questions addressed, and Select Committee work of interest to NCW members.

We monitor a range of Select Committees including: Women and Equalities, Health and Social Care, Education, Home Affairs, Justice, Work and Pensions, Science and Technology, Transport, Digital Culture Media and Sport, Environment, and Food and Rural Affairs.

The report includes links to consultations, particular highlights and Select Committees so that members can follow topics of special interest.

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Group of young international members

National and international connections

Group of young international members

Our UK connections are strong. Together with five other top women’s organisations in the UK, we make up the Six-O Group. We are an active member of the group and take every opportunity to collaborate with these respected organisations.

NCWGB is an internationally-recognised organisation. We are one of several National Councils of Women affiliated to the International Council of Women (ICW) and regularly attend their meetings.

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Join a network of people who care about the lives of all women.

NCW in action

Our latest resolutions tackle overseas poverty, climate change, and innovation.