Consistency in recycling procedures: the need for a mandate from the government, 2019

Given the differences in recycling procedures not only throughout the UK but also frequently between districts in the same area, NCW in Conference assembled urges Her Majesty’s Government to make it a legal requirement that Local Councils comply with the manner in which they collect waste for recycling purposes. What is required here is consistency across the board, with regard to what materials are to be recycled, how such materials are to be distributed by the householder among which bins, and also as to the colour of the recycling bins themselves.
NCW also urges that funding be ring-fenced for this purpose, with contributions towards cost borne by manufacturers, business etc. whose products are non-compliant. Such a legal requirement would ensure clear and consistent directives from Local Councils and consequently the public would be less confused and more efficient in participating in the recycling process.

Submitted by: Gillian Poole, NCW Darlington & District Branch

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