Importance of music in primary/junior schools, 2018

NCW in conference assembled, concerned by the increasing reliance on League Tables – results the only mantra – urges HMG to review and encourage the teaching of creative subjects, especially music in primary and junior schools.

  1. Subjects such as music and art are being squeezed out by pressure to reach SATS targets and climb League Tables.
  2. Impressive results have been shown in a primary school in Bradford which uses the Kodaly method of teaching.
  3. Music is about working together- listening to others, taking turns, giving way… whereas games encourage competition, aggression and goals.
  4. Music can release children from the grind of tables, spellings, dates etc and encourage self-expression.
  5. Music can help the non -academic to shine, boosting self- esteem, which can carry over to other subjects

Submitted by: Gwyneth Miller, NCW Individual Member

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