Land use: the importance of UK food production, 2008

 Submitted by:NCW Science and Technology Committee

The National Council of Women in conference assembled, aware that the availability of adequate and affordable food is essential and acknowledging that: (i) the effect on food production from climate change, both here and in the rest of the world, is unknown; (ii) the growing of bio-fuel crops appears to be adversely affecting food prices worldwide; (iii) currently only 60% of the food consumed in the UK is produced here; (iv) the average weekly deficit in the UK balance of payments in 2007 was £1.1 billion, urges Her Majesty’s Government to produce a comprehensive plan for UK land-use which has regard to the points given above and ensures: (a) that all regulations are fair, necessary and supportive; and (b) that retailers, consumers and Government Departments and Institutions are encouraged to buy British produce.

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