Needs of one-parent families, 1974

Submitted by: Joint Working Party on the Finer Report 

The National Council of Women in Conference assembled, welcomes: the comprehensive findings and recommendations of the Finer report. The National Council of Women urges Her Majesty’s Government to introduce measures with a view to lifting 620,000 lone parents and one million children out of poverty by:

(a) providing a guaranteed maintenance allowance; (c) assuming responsibility for the enforcement of Maintenance Orders and the collection of the sum payable by the liable relative; (d) rationalizing the Courts with jurisdiction in family matters; (e) raising the ‘disregard ceiling’ for those in gainful employment; (f) stimulating provision of part-time employment; (h) increasing provision of suitable housing accommodation for lone parents. 

‘b’ and ‘g’ of original Resolution now overtaken by action.  

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