Preserving Our Heritage, 1970

Submitted by: Women’s Liberal Federation 

The National Council of Women of Great Britain in Conference assembled, deploring the disappearance of irreplaceable buildings and monuments of national, local, historical and architectural interest, and the apathy of the general public thereto, urges County and Local Councils to use their powers to the full by:– 

(a) ensuring that demolition of listed buildings should only take place when absolutely essential for improvement of or progress in the public interest; and 

(b) serving a building preservation notice under Section 48 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1968 on buildings of special interest not already listed; 

(a) attaching preservation orders to old buildings which are not necessarily of great historical or architectural value, but which add to the interest and beauty of the surroundings;

(d) adapting, in conjunction with individual owners, old and interesting dwellings to modern life, as an alternative to rebuilding; 

(e) making a comprehensive survey of all buildings and monuments of merit within their borders and keeping a vigilant watch for disrepair and demolition notices and, should demolition be inevitable keeping detailed descriptions and photographs of such properties so that records of different building techniques, materials and local crafts can be preserved. 

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