Re-commitment of NCWGB’s aim to achieve ‘a world where it is no disadvantage to be born a girl’ and to work towards the attainment of equality for all, 2017

Submitted by: NCW International Affairs Committee

Speakers at CSW61 identified 2017 as an ‘historic moment’ for civil society when our values are under threat and advances we have made in the advancement of human rights are being ‘pushed back’ by extremists in USA, Turkey, Russia, Europe and the Middle East. This backlash is seen to be a response to the progress made by women’s organisations seeking gender equality and women’s ability to control their own sexuality and fertility through sexual and reproductive rights.

Through attendance at the Commission on the Status of Women and affiliation to the International Council of Women, NCWGB members are made fully aware of these threats to progress towards equality for women and girls.   The Women’s March in the USA, which was joined by many nations, including the UK, demonstrated the strength of women’s organisations uniting to defend their rights. This is the moment for NCWGB to reaffirm its stated aim of ‘A World Where it is no Disadvantage to be Born a Girl’ and commitment to equality for all, irrespective of Gender, Race, Politics, Religion or Culture.

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