Removal of aspartame from food and drink, 2006

Submitted by: Science and Technology Committee 

The National Council of Women of Great Britain in conference assembled, aware of: (a)the long-term and wide-spread concern of consumers about the safety of Aspartame, the artificial sweetener, in food and drink; and (b) the results of (i) a 7-year research project at the European Ramazzini Foundation of Oncology showing a significant dose-related increased incidence of lymphomas and  leukaemia in female rats fed with aspartame, and (ii) a study at the University of Liverpool showing adverse effects on nerve cells of a mixture of additives one of which was aspartame; and (c) studies which have shown that children and pregnant women have the highest aspartame intake to body weight ratio, calls upon Her Majesty’s Government and the Food Standards Agency to acknowledge the scientific evidence of potential harm to consumers of aspartame, take note of the many complaints from individuals and doctors of actual harm and, for the protection of consumers and in particular children, ban the production and sale of food and drink containing aspartame in the United Kingdom.

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