Renewal of the BBC Royal Charter in December, 2016

Submitted by:  NCW Darlington & District Branch

NCW urges HM Government to take steps to ensure that the BBC: –

  • remains in public ownership to continue to be independent of vested commercial interests and the Government of the day,
  • continues to be the public service broadcaster for the public benefit rather than for purely commercial purposes,
  • makes the content and services available to everyone regardless of age, location or internet access,
  • continues to be publicly funded through the licence fee which should be exclusively allocated to the BBC, ensuring the interests of citizens and licence payers are kept at the forefront of decision-making,
  • is funded through a licence fee which keeps pace with inflation and rises in real terms to enable the BBC to compete with commercial rivals. The potential to move from the licence fee to a household fee should be investigated, as the preferred option, as this ensures that all users make a contribution, and the independence of the BBC,
  • continues to be independently supported by the Government setting up a ‘Licence Fee Body’ to determine the level of the licence/household fee,
  • does not pay for licences for the over 75’s as decreed in the July 2015 budget as this is Government Special Policy and further undermines the independence of the BBC,
  • Remains the flagship broadcaster of Great Britain with its ethos of bringing people together.

Proposed by: Heather Carter, NCW Darlington & District Branch
Seconded by: Professor Sylvia Harvey, Voice of the Listener and Viewer

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