Righting previous wrongs – the importance of hindsight, 2009

Submitted by: NCW Science and Technology Committee

The National Council of Women is aware (i) that decisions, some of which became legally binding, have been made in the past, which proved to be damaging to public health, or the environment or the economy, (ii) that decision-making bodies are now encouraged to take part in horizon-scanning to anticipate future problems or changes and that it is also important to review past decisions, some of which have caused serious problems; and (iii) that wrongs must be righted, urges HMG, the EU and those responsible for the implementation of their decisions to:
(a) recognise that previous decisions may have been wrong;
(b) re-introduce the Precautionary Principle into decision-making;
(c) seek all available evidence, including comments and criticism, concerning adverse outcomes resulting from past decisions and legislation;
(d) re-assess their effects and outcomes;
(e) take immediate action to annul those decisions which cause harm rather than the predicted benefits.

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