The continuing importance of libraries, 2011

Submitted by: NCW Arts Committee

The National Council of Women, aware that libraries:
(a) are needed by the community;
(b) are used by all ages from pre-school children to the elderly;
(c) are a resource for deep learning and the provision of information;
(d) in the majority of cases provide computers which help people, especially children who do not have this resource at home, to access the Internet;
(e) frequently provide free computer sessions to help people learn how to send email, access the internet etc.;
(f) offer the opportunity for pre-school children to become accustomed to handling books – especially important for those whose mothers do not, or cannot, read;
(g) provide publicity for authors who would be badly affected by their closure,

urges Her Majesty’s Government to consider carefully the effects of the cuts being made to the funding of Library Services throughout the country. 
Reaffirmed 2012

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