The need for women in parliament, 1920

1) That this National Council of Women shall devote a considerable part of its energies to securing the election of women to Parliament, as the best means of obtaining the reforms which women generally desire. 

2) That on the basis of resolutions passed at Council, the Executive shall circulate to the Branches and Affiliated Societies a list of the urgent legislative reforms for whose support these bodies may wish to appeal to the sitting members of Parliament or to intending candidates in the constituencies. 

3) That it be recommended that propaganda on the need for women in Parliament be conducted.

4) That suitable women be approached in various parts of the country, more particularly where parliamentary vacancies are likely to occur, with a view to their coming forward as candidates, provided that:–

a) no party political bias be displayed 

b) neither the Council nor any of its Local Branches undertake to run a candidate; and c) neither the Council nor any of its Local Branches is committed to support women candidates in preference to men

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