To protect children from the harm caused by online pornography, 2019

The NCW in conference assembled calls for urgent and firm action to protect children from the harm caused by online pornography.
NCW calls on government urgently to:
• introduce regulation to stop online pornography at source
• bring in mandatory child safety rules including for social networks – overseen by an independent regulator
• require technical controls—including content filtering/blocking, privacy and location settings to be set, by default, to the safest available for under 18s
NCW welcomes the aim of the Government’s internet safety strategy to ensure Britain is the safest place in the world to be online. It agrees that a fundamental shift in approach is required: one that moves “the burden away from consumers having to secure their devices and instead ensuring strong security is built into consumer […] products by design”. It calls on the Government to put this into action with urgency.

Submitted by: Ann Davison, NCW Individual Member

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