Water – planning for the future, 2006

Submitted by: NCW Health and Science and Technology Committees 

The National Council of Women in Conference assembled, aware that (a) adequate water supply is essential in sustaining human, animal and plant health and life, (b) there are potential threats to water supply from global warming/climate change, (c) droughts and floods in the United Kingdom are becoming more frequent, and (d) there is an increasing demand for water, urges Her Majesty’s Government to take action to improve the future supply and efficient use of water by ensuring that: – 

(i) future residential buildings (hotels, apartments and houses) are built with facilities to catch and store water, and systems to recycle it – including the building of underground tanks;

(ii) all industrial companies, and in particular those that use large quantities of water during production and manufacture, have incentives to minimise its use and systems to recycle it where possible;

(iii) water companies maintain drains and pipes to reduce water loss to an acceptable minimum.   

Reaffirmed 2015

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